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I just wanted to say my piece about the global warming issue.
I have always been aware of the fragility and finiteness of our world, and the constant need to have MORE every year, including the need for economic growth every year, has always seemed insane to me. That is to state my political world view. Being worried about our world has seemed a game for the far future, not the near term. That is now changing.
The most recent IPCC panel came under fire from the right for being too alarmist(big surprise), and the left for not being accurate. More specifically, the people who seem to know what they are talking about, and are not part of the conversation at the national level, are either scared, or past being scared and are preparing for the worst.
The people I have been following include James Lovelock, Guy McPherson, and James Hansen.
They all seem to have one thing in common. They believe we are PAST fixing this problem, except for James Hansen, who has had some level of optimism, although, he has been quiet lately. They say we are blowing past all climate model predictions.
Energy limitations are pushing us into new fracking techniques which release vast amounts of methane, and the Conservative governments are NOT open to stopping this, or even listening to objections.
If we are PAST the major tipping points, and are opening up the throttle on Arctic exploration, and all energy production, including fracking, how can we hope to survive the coming warming events, coupled with the real game changer of ocean acidification</a>?
It seems no politician is taking this very seriously, or even seems to understand what this could lead to. Ocean level rise is of course, scary, but the acidification and chemical change of the Oceans could lead to a planet with no AIR! Or at least a human compatible air.
To finish, I must say, at this point, no "invisible hand" of the "free market" is going to fix this. It is what created the problem. We need wisdom, and knowledge. And the courage to speak up, and take extraordinary steps. This might mean actually finding a way to scrub Co2 from the air, actively, instead of just slowing down our destructive economy. Of course this also means altering our political/business arrangement. Not an easy task, to say the least. This is one of the main obstacles to our salvation. I know, that sounds rather melodramatic. But, if you take the evidence as I have seen it, and I don't know if you have seen most of it, it is a melodramatic moment for our species, and perhaps all animal species.
For one concise article on our predicament, I would suggest this…, by Guy McPherson.
In Solidarity,
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I'm aware of climate change. I tried to reason with a known DA climate change denier, but he and his congregation apparently lack an open mind or intellectual capacity to grasp the predicament our planet is in. There are many intertwined issues that threaten our planet. Among them is habitat loss due to rampant urbanization and missappropriating wilderness for agriculture. This is especially bad in developing countries and it is encouraged by people in industrialized countries who have misplaced priorities.
Robby-Robert Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
I'm afraid the war is really a cultural one, which is especially difficult to grasp for those within the bosom of consumerism, capitalism, and the uglier parts of libertarian-ism. No sense of decency or compassion among most of the deniers, only an angry, screaming hatred of "lefties" or "greenies". I think this basic hatred stems from their unflagging opposition to anything done cooperatively, i.e. through government action. All problems MUST be solved through the magic of the "invisible hand" of the "free" market. All else is doomed in their eyes, as a failed model like the U.S.S.R..
I totally agree with you on the loss of habitat. It is most apparent in areas that haven't yet been looted by developers, and the like. I live in such an area, and the growth of urbanization is alarming, but only to those who do not benefit from it.
I feel that the time for arguing with the deniers is over. They lost the argument. Period. They have no logic, no studies (real ones), and at some point, you have to realize, after wrestling the pig in the mud, that the pig likes it.
We have the majority on our side now, and the push is to look forward, and find answers. 
Lost-in-the-day Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
I studied Geology at uni and I agree that we have gone past the stage of being able to stop global warming and the climate change and consequences it will lead to. It is now about damage control but still the vast majority of people would rather listen to politicians and corporations than they would to the scientists and average joes who actually give a damn about the earth and what sort of world their children will live in. 
Sadly unless new technology is developed and becomes widely available immediately then we have already knocked over the first domino that will lead to the next mass extinction. Since the majority of people won't listen to common sense or scientific reasoning my first priority has now become looking out for me and mine. It's easier said than done but I believe the best thing to do now is become as self-sufficient as possible. Learn to grow your own food, try to generate your own green energy and live off the grid. When conditions worsen food and energy prices will go shooting up and many people will find themselves suddenly unable to afford to feed their children or keep warm in winter. It may sound very dramatic but I will not allow corporation greed and consumer stupidity to destroy the future of my children. 
Robby-Robert Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013
Yeah, the more info I get from people who are actually qualified to have an opinion, the more I get deeply depressed. I still believe, that given enough sane, informed people, along with the realization that the monetary system has to go, I think we could pull our asses out of the fire, but given current politics, and the paradigm most people get through the day with, there is NO WAY IN HELL they are giving up on the false and dehumanizing dream of "more". I hate to add, that given the most depressing, and most likely outcomes, It doesn't even seem to be worth trying to use less, or the positive steps you have mentioned. It seems too little, too late. No matter how a small portion of us try to live, the significant portion of the world will continue pushing, and the current weight of the co2 buildup, along with positive feedback loops lead to an inevitable outcome in less than 20 years.
So much for the star trek future. We got the soylent green future.
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July 21, 2012